Gauteng hosts interfaith prayer for Madiba

winnie mandelaWinnie Mandela and family spent Sunday afternoon at Gauteng City Hall as Pundit Ashwin Trikamjee and other national faith leaders led the prayer service for Madiba’s wellbeing, representing the Hindu and Indian community at large included former President of the South African Tamil Federation, Mr Mickey Chetty and current President, Ms. Pauline Naidoo and Ganesha Communications, Director, Naufal Khan with cultural advocate, Lexy Perumal and Irashan Surban.

The prayer service was a moving tribute to the former statesman with various religious communities coming together. President of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha, Pundit Ashwin Trikamjee and Winnie Mandela lit the symbolic candles for Madiba’s spiritual and physical wellbeing whilst members of the Hindu community led by Shri Pooven Pillay,  a renowned South African Indian music maestro rendered a soul stirring spiritual bhajan accompanied by Balan Vengasamy.

Members of the Gauteng community joined in unity at the Johannesburg City Hall on Sunday as prayer service for Nelson Mandela was held with the National Religious Leaders Council.

Madiba’s former wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, was in attendance with other members of the family. Madikizela-ashwin trikamjeeMandela said the prayers her family received have been the greatest source of strength.

“We feel so healed. The amount of love we have experienced and prayers. This is the greatest gift to the family and thank you very much for all your prayers,” she said.

Madiba remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital.
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