Gauteng: Tamil Eisteddfod

Tamil Federation of Gauteng invite the public the annual Children’s Tamil Eisteddfod 2013. On Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July 2013 – commencing at 09h00 on both days Shree Benoni Gujarati Hindu Seva Samaj Hall, Soma Street, Actonville, Benoni.

Children’s Tamil Eisteddfod 2013 – the Eisteddfod Movement and its annual creative cultural showcasing programme is an all embracing, inclusive and social family-interface designed to bring our people closer together and further contributing to the “fabric of unitedness”, within our cultural, educational, political, social and religious dimensions!

satfeistedWe are in our 25th year of Eisteddfod involvement and we strongly believe that this cultural platform and creative arts avenue has identified, shaped and produced many resourceful talents; and this excitement still continues, especially for our ever enthusiastic and vibrant children – your involvement, filming and support over the past many years had contributed to this resourceful measure!

In its quest to bring about social cohesion amongst our people, the Tamil Federation of Gauteng continually encourage the need to collectively foster, nurture and encourage mutual respect, closer relationship and comradeship amongst our fellow affiliates, teachers, parents and children. We need to collectively sustain our cultural and language interaction through the Eisteddfod pillars of Iyal, Isai and Naadagam!

In essence, the Eisteddfod Movement and its progressive cultural initiatives are considered to serve; building on collective social cohesion; strengthening human solidarity and understanding; and to allow for creative and artistic expression and exchanges.

The Tamil Federation of Gauteng, once again, place on record our revered respect and admiration to all our participating children, adults, teachers, tutors and adjudicators for their invaluable co-operation, sacrifice, patience and deep – rooted passion in preserving, protecting and promoting our rich cultural heritage!

For further information please contac Mr Marie Pillay-Ramaya, Eisteddfod 2013 Task-team Coordinator for Tamil Federation of Gauteng. Contact Number – 084 250 8833

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