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Hindu Youth Network: Jyothi Awards



Hindu Youth Network of South Africa in partnership with the Umgeni Road temple presents Jyothi Awards 2013. Jyothi or Jyoti in Sanskrit means light. There is a great potential within each one of us to illuminate the true essence of love, peace and respect to all. The Jyothi Award recognises the many youth and organisations that are illuminating and helping to bring about positive change in South Africa.

The awards will focus on 5 main categories which also reflect the five pillars of HYN. These are Environmental conservation, Spirituality, Leadership, Religion and Spirituality. Throughout the evening these pillars will be highlighted through drama, devotional music , classical dance, highlights of projects completed and the inspirational awards ceremony.

Jyothi Awards 2013 is set to create a legacy that will inspire more youth and organisations to strive to build a better South Africa together. So the countdown begins to the most exciting, inspirational and touching event of the year. The Jyothi awards will be take place on Sunday 28th July 2013  at the Umgeni Road Temple Hall Durban.

For more information email admin@hyn.co.za

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