tissue oil

Tissue Oil revolutionary skin treatment

Tissue oil is a type of body oil intended for medicinal use. It is made of a combination of omega oils from a variety of plants, including flax, marula, and rose hips.

Tissue oil is used as a treatment for several common medical ailments and conditions, such as dry skin, acne, and scar tissue.

tissue oil

Dry Skin

  • One of the benefits of tissue oil is that it can be used as a supplement to traditional skin moisturizers. Moisturizers use a combination of chemical agents and natural ingredients to prevent and treat dry skin. Natural oils keep skin moist and hydrated by reducing evaporation. By adding tissue oil to a basic skin moisturizer, it is possible to increase both its richness and its effectiveness.


  • Another benefit of tissue oil is that it can be used to treat and prevent acne, as well as reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Tissue oil discourages the overproduction of sebum, an oily substance in the skin that can cause acne and other dermal conditions. Tissue oil can also be used to help heal scars caused by acne outbreaks.

Scar Tissue

  • Tissue oil is most commonly used to treat scar tissue and stretch marks. Tissue oil increases the elasticity of the skin. This elasticity allows the skin to stretch and relax without leaving any physical signs of the process. Tissue oil helps treat the feel and appearance of scar tissue by keeping the skin hydrated and soft.

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