Amarnath: Shiva Ice Lingam Will Be Melted This Weekend

Johannesburg, South Africa: The Sri Shakti Temple is observing the Amarnath Darshan in South Africa over the sri shakti amarnath south africathis weekend with presiding priest Punditji Sanjay Pandya, with the closing ceremony tomorrow.

Devotees are welcome to observe rituals for this special event today 19th August and tomorrow 20th August 2017

The temple be open today at 1pm for all devotees and between 2.30pm to 5pm the temple will host the Maha Mrutyunajay Havan for Holy Shravan month. The will be devotional bhajans by Shri Mahendra Shyamprasad of Ladysmith between 5PM to 6.45PM with the Maha Aarti and Prasadam (food).

Tomorrow the temple will be observing the Amarnath Darshan and will be open from 9.30am to 6pm and then at 6.30pm devotees will gather for the fire ceremony and the pouring of milk over the Amarnath (Ice Lingam).

Over 4 tons of Himalayan ice was used to created the ice structured lingam and to also replicate the ice floor that the pilgrimage engages in India.

What is the story behind the Amarnath Darshan?  The ice structure that is shaped to represent the holy stone of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva is an annual event in India known as the Amarnath Yatra where thousands embark on a pilgrimage to the holy site where the legend of Lord Shiva’s story of creation, the legendary Tandava dance and the secret of creation is the source of the ice lingam.

The Sri Shakti Temple: The temple devoted to the holy Devi’s (Goddesses, Holy Mothers)  as you see below also pay homage to the Divine trinity where regular prayer events are held.  The temple in the heart of Johannesburg city has been a centre for many miracles of honey and ash appearing during religious periods.

Punditji Sanjay Pandya, a world renowned priest and astrologer and Vaastu Shaastra specialist has been the centre of the of the Amarnath Yatra 1996 tragedy where he was the only pilgrim to have reached the Ice lingam even after having been left paralaysed in the disaster where thousands were killed.

The priest who now resides in South Africa has been promoting universal Hindu dharma at Sri Shakti is known for his diverse audience of multilingual Hindu Indians and South Africans of various faiths that visit the Sri Shakti Temple regularly for the experience of divine vibrations that emanate from the holy temple.

How to get to the Sri Shakti Temple

  • Venue: 33 Jason Street, Cnr Jerome Avenue Opp. Hugenoot Primary School, Crosby, Mayfair West, JHB – (When using a GPS select area of Langlaagte)
  • Officiating Priest: Punditji Sanjay Pandya

For further information call Punditji on 082 600 9990

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