Laudium: Amman Thiruvizah

Shri Muthu Mari Angalaeshwari Temple invites you and your family to our Amman Thiruvizah, 14 – 20 August 2013. 316 Jacinth Street, Laudium, Pretoria

muthu_mariamman_templeDikkellam pothum ekkala deviyare,

Ekkala deviyare dikkellam ninra shakthi,

Kanna purathale karana soundariye,

Narananaar thangai ammal nalla muthu mariyare,

Nalla muthu mariyare, naga kanni thayare,

Un karagam pirandadamma kannanoor medayile

Temporary venue of our temple: 316 Jacinth Street, Laudium, Pretoria

  • Presiding priest: Guru Reggie Naidoo.
  • Officiating Priest: Guru Govindaraj Maistry (Stanger Siva Alayum)
  • Contact: 0823565146/ 0824200076
  • Email:

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