Shaheer Sheikh prepares for Star Plus’ Mahabarat as Arjun

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As they say, one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things, and no one can understand this sentiment better than Shaheer Sheikh. Hailing from a modest family in Kashmir, Shaheer has taken the road less traveled and is currently preparing to don probably the biggest role of his lifetime. Shaheer will be seen as ‘Arjun’ in Star Plus’ magnum opus ‘Mahabharat’ that is soon to hit the tube.

One of the most inspirational characters from the epic, Arjun, the name depicts strength, victory and more important purity. Realizing the weight of this colossal dream, Shaheer explains, “I always wanted to play a character of a warrior prince. There is something majestic about holding a sword. So when I was approached for the role I was completely game.”

But this was not a cake walk for Shaheer! As they say there is No Pain, No Gain, Shaheer had to adopt more obedience into his lifestyle, cut down on his outings and food habits to follow a strict regime and a way of life. All of this and much more was put in action…. in order to not just look the part but live like Arjun and showcase inherent characteristics of a peerless warrior. He had to work on his physique, over all composure, develop focus on tasks. In order to not over expose himself and look the part, Shaheer chose to not take up any other role and deviate from his main goal. For over a year he declined offers that came his way to locked himself up at home to prepare for Arjun. We have heard film stars do this when they prepare for films… this just says that television and our stars are matching every step leaving no stone unturned to wow the audience! Atta boy!                 

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