Cricket: Masters World Series in SA

birthoflegendsThe tournament will take place in the Gauteng province which can be considered as the sporting hub of the African continent. Over 7 days from Sunday 20 October 2013 until Saturday 26 October 2013. Countries participating shall include the likes of Australia, New Zealand, England, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Singapore and China.

Companies keen on assisting with sponsorships & advertising at the Cricket World Masters Series 2013 event are welcome to contact Indianspice on

South Africa has played host to a few major sporting world cups in the past, the largest three being the Soccer, Cricket and Rugby world cups, so we have developed a reputation for hosting fantastic international Indoor Cricket events.


Indoor Cricket or “Action Cricket” as it is better known in South Africa is one of the fastest growing sports in this sport mad country. It has shown phenomenal growth annually over the past twenty years, and now boast massive participation throughout the country. We are hoping for a huge public interest and are expecting the host arena to be packed with spectators for the duration of the tournament. We will also be filming the final games of tournament.

Companies keen on assisting with sponsorships & advertising at the Cricket World Masters Series 2013 event are welcome to contact Indianspice on

Corporate companies will source excellent on the ground activation through this World Masters Series being held in South Africa to a diverse market of audiences of NRI and South Africans who will be attending this family oriented event.

To view the participating teams and more information: click here

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