Sathya Sai South Africa

Sathya Sai Birthday Celebration

On 23rd of November is the celebration the birth anniversary of the Advent of our Lord Sai Baba. It is an opportunity for mankind to pay homage to this embodiment of selfless love on this special day when He took this Sathya Sai Avatar for the sake of mankind.

Swami says – “Embodiments of divine Love! I don’t expect anything from you. Just develop love within you. Regard all mankind with fraternal feelings. Recognize all as the children of God. Bear no ill will or hatred toward anyone. Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Only such a large-hearted attitude will confer on you limitless bliss. If you are celebrating Swami’s birthday, this is all that I desire from you. Have unity among yourselves.”

Randburg Sai Centre is extremely pleased to invite you to the 88th birthday celebration and seva of Bhagavan Baba.

Sathya Sai South Africa

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