ICCR: Durban Classical Arts Concert

The program is anchored and presented by Smt. Mala Lutchmanan one of SA’s senior graduates from India.  Commemorate the arrival of Indians in South Africa and attend the free Indian classical dance & music concert by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations courtesy of the Indian High Commission.

Featuring Durban’s local talent of artists who have ben working under the auspices of the ICCR Centre of Durban. Through  various programmes of dance and music, promotion of literacy is above all strengthening  bilateral relations of India & South Africa.

  • Venue: Saiva Saithanta Sungam Hall, Derby Street, CBD
  • Date: 16th November 2013
  • Time: 4pm
  • Admission: FREE


  1. Jugalbandhi by  Manesh Maharaj & Yshrene Moodley, presenting their artistic styles of Kathak & Bharata Natyam,
  2. Classical Bharata Natyam Margam steeped in tradition, colour and Rasa by Verushka Pather, Nivashni Perumal & Nicholyn Dayanand
  3. Musical Component Mayhendra Chetty – the Vocalist, Kirthan Pillay on Mridangam, Kubendran Pillay on Nattavangum, Anusha Maharaj on Violin and Shri Kumaran Raman one of SA’s senior musicians and a also a graduate of India, on Flute.


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