Kama Sutra Comedy show

Kama Sutra to heat up South Africa in part 2!

Kama Sutra Comedy show
Picture by: Jackie Clausen
Source: Sunday Times Extra, TIMESLIVE

HOT STUFF: Durban actor Karou Charou is ready to heat up South Africa in his latest show Kama Sutra 2:Come Again. 

Kama SutraSex and the Charou is a one-man show featuring Durban actor and comedian Karou Charou. The play will tackle a number of issues including impotence, sex toys and lesbianism.

Writer and director Sagren Moodley said while he realised there may be objections to the content, people in the community needed to be educated on sex because parents often shied away from the topic.

“Through this comedy we want to educate, break down barriers, debunk myths and challenge tradition. As Indians, our parents never spoke to us about these topics. We learnt it from friends. There is a lot of ignorance out there. We will talk about condoms and the different types out there and the g-spot.”
Moodley said it was ironic that the most widely considered book on sexual behaviour was written by Indian scholar Mallanga Vatsyayana around the third century AD. “An Indian educated the world on the joys and pleasures of sex, and yet Indians are afraid to educate themselves, let alone their children.”He added: “Some women who are married and having a bad sex life will not talk about it because they are embarrassed but little do they know there are people in the same boat .”

“My audience ranges in age. There was once a really old couple sitting in the front row of a show with a lot of swearing and sexual content. During the interval I thought they had left but when I saw they had just moved their seats to the back it showed me that there is an audience for this type of humour.”

Source Content: TimesLive

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