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Sex and the Charou!

The Karou Charou returns to Gauteng with 1 show lined up! Be sure not to miss this side-splitting comedy show! Catch the Karou Charou at Emperors Palace, 01 February 2014. 

REVIEW:  Indianspice’s, Naufal Khan was a guest of the Karou Charou at his first show in Gauteng which performed to a full house audience. Whilst many celebrated Guy Fawkes in explosive manners there was another Indian King being set off at a Gauteng venue. As I settled into my seat at the venue bringing back some memories of amazing shows and pageants that were witnessed on the stage nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience. The legendary sex book of the Indian origin is spread bare for all to ogle at as the ‘Karou Charou’ from Chatsworth burst his zipper on Saturday night.

The venue filled up quite quickly compared to other shows that I have seen. Typically, the show had to start at ‘Indian time’ since everyone made sure they had their stock of their preferred drink to accompany them for this show. Adults ranged from age and generation was present from springchickens to octogenarians , I was beside myself! Enter the ‘Karou Charou’ whose dress sense made sure he did not reveal his true identity other than a very horny groom.

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Lets take a look at ourselves in the mirror.  India is the most sexually contradictory place on earth, the most prudish and permissive. There, holy men proudly exhibit elongated penises they’ve painfully stretched over years by tying them to boulders, and parents take their children to temples full of sculpted figures locked in graphic and gymnastic copulation. Nonetheless, furious protests take place each year against the “western festival” of Valentine’s Day, and making a gentle pass at a woman can easily start a riot.

But then again this is South Africa and in the modern day and age. But to my surprise I was cringing with delight as every myth of sex and Indians was debunked in hilarious vulgar fashion. The Over 18’s rule was definitely a must.

The entertainer had everyone on their toes as he clicked through a series of slides exposing the most erotic positions of the Kama Sutra. For those who have not visited a sex store before and don’t want to make sure you watch this show as he has brought the ‘tupperware party’ to you saving you that seedy trip to the store.

This is a definite must experience and to take the words from the guru himself – “….enjoy the show, if you feel offended well then…f*ck off now!”

For those wanting the raw truth catch the Karou Charou at his next show in Gauteng. Catch the Karou Charou at Emperors Palace, 01 February 2014. 

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