Dance with Anavarata Dance Institute today!

The renowned Anavarata Dance Institute based in South Africa has opened registrations for new students nationwide. There are a wide range of classes, courses and Master Classes for all ages to choose from, so whether you have limited dance experience or have studied extensively, there is something to inspire every student… Come and dance with us in 2014!

adi_2014_classesx500Classes range from child to adult lessons with convenient locations of classes in all major regions of South Africa. The Institute offers a variety of dance disciplines ranging from Indian dance classical and modern to all major multi-cultural dance forms in their syllabus.  Visit for more information.

Dance Repertoire

The Institute offers various courses to establish Dance as a recognised career. Courses of varying intensity and levels of difficulty that caters to Dancers who have different backgrounds, experience and proficiency in dance are available.

Offering a rare combination of dance disciplines, combining the Western and Indian forms. The Professional Courses is a holistic experience and an overview of Dance as an all encompassing entity. Dance at the Anavarata Dance Institute is not limited to timings, classes, stage shows and to the walls of the studio alone. We aim at nurturing young South African talent and providing dance as a serious career option. The Professional Courses are an intensive training ground aimed at creating well rounded individuals and all round professionals in the field of Dance.

The dance company has 30 resident professional young, talented, energetic dancers and musicians on an exclusive contract, backed by a international faculty of varied dance gurus and experts.  “No short cuts to success”

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Background Information
The multi-cultural organisation is now headed by the daughter of one of the pioneers, Ms Anusia Govender-Pillay. The organisation provides skilled dance training for many South African students across the country and at no charge. These youth and adults have been able to empower themselves through the art of dance and have been granted performance opportunities around the world and are confirmed for major international productions both in South Africa and internationally.

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