Gauteng Kathak Specialists Darpan Dance Studios

Darpan Dance Studios based in Johannesburg provides tuition in the Indian classical dance discipline of Kathak.

Shika Mohanlall saw the need for Kathak to be taught in the only way she knew how – its purest form. This was the beginning of a dance adventure as she established Darpan Dance Studios in 2009.

Kathak an ancient North Indian dance style, initially performed in temples of India as a form of worship. The dance form derived its name from the word Katha meaning story. This story telling dance form has been modified and influenced through the passage of time with mesmerizing, vibrant and beautiful swirling movements, lightning quick pirouettes, sudden death poses with rapid stamping of feet and subtle gestures of the dancer’s hand.

Known for a highly disciplined approach, emphasis on perfection and importance of technique and it is Darpan’s aim to introduce aspiring students through programs wherein they participate and exhibit their talents.

The dance school will be hosting their first dance concert for 2020 this February 16th click here for more details

Kathak Dance classes gauteng
Learn more about Kathak dance guru Shika Mohanall-Harrypaul click here

Shika Mohanlall-Harrypaul on SABC Mela

To learn more about Darpan Dance Institute visit their Facebook page click here

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