Music Lessons in Randburg

ghz1A trained Professional music Guru who will be offering lessons in the Randburg Area. Lessons will be conducted by Guru Siva. Guru Siva is a very well known musician.

Guru Siva is a talented artist, with the gift of playing many instruments namely: Harmonium, Tabla, Naal, Mirdangam,Violin, Guitar,Flute,Vocal training and more.

Guru Siva is a trained Carnatic musician and teacher of Carnatic Music and Singing. What’s more special is that his lessons are not just music lessons but are infused with the great spiritual disciplines and powerful energies that resonate from a Student -Guru relationship. The Divine blessings from this is invaluable. This enhances the spiritual value in the lessons and makes the process of learning that much more rewarding.

Day : Mondays
Time : 4.30pm onwards
Venue : Unit 16 Covent Gardens, Honey Manor

Lessons are conducted on a one on one (individual basis) hence space is limited. For now approximately 10 students can be accommodated on a Monday and 3 spots have already being booked. 7 are currently still available. Kindly note that there is a minimum monthly fee to the lessons payable at the first lesson of each month which entitles you to as many lessons as you would like for the month.

For further details contact or to book a spot, please contact:

  1. Nirvan : 079 523 5708
  2. Yeshen : 082 968 1632


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