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Sri Lanka war crimes in UN eye

The South African Tamil Federation pledges its support to the UN Resolution taken today, 27th March 2014 which affirms an Independent and International Investigation into possible war crimes committed during the Civil War of Sri Lanka which lasted decades.

We believe that this is the first step in securing a lasting political solution for the people of Sri Lanka and will aid the elimination of the discrimination and oppression of Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Whilst the road to true freedom and justice for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka is still a long one, we are cognisant of the fact that this resolution will pave the steps needed to aid this cause.

We applaud the countries who voted in favour of this resolution and trust that justice will be served to the reported 40 000 civilians who died during the last stages of the war, the continued abductions, torture and extrajudicial killings which are still occurring.

The South African Tamil Federation will continue its efforts in ensuring we play a leading role in providing support and guidance to any investigative process.

Sashnee Naiker, Public Relations Officer
The South African Tamil Federation | 0787472536

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