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Windscreen Repairs, Auto Interior Solutions

Tired of having your vision impaired with unsightly cracks and chipped glass? If a windscreen can be repaired, let our technical consultant give you the best advice. Auto Restoration using the latest windscreen repair technology our qualified technicians will renew your windscreen. Many instances your windscreen will not need to be replaced but just repaired.

autoglass_glass_chip_repairOur technicians will travel to you and will assess the need and repair onsite ensuring that your windscreen repairs are done safely without placing you and your passengers at risk. We are the EXPERTS in chip repairs, our chip repair team will save thousands of rands! Restore your windscreen to its original standard of strength and integrity without the expense of replacing it. Unsure of whether your windscreen needs to be repaired or replaced?

Car & home Interiors
Specialists in redye, restore and refurbish of leather and fabric in cars, quality repairer and fitter of upholstery for furniture. Our premium service ranges from individual to large corporate clients on all makes of vehicles. JaySai Windscreen Repairs & Upholstery restore, repair or customise the leather, upholstery or plastic on your valued possession, your car, suv, boat, airplane or motorbike.

Our team specialises in re-dying and refurbishing leather, vinyl and plastics. Our services range from couches and car seats to jackets and bags. We service the motor, furniture and clothing industries as well as smaller, private customers.

We repair, restore and re-dye:
   •   Dashboards,
   •   Roof Lining,
   •   Vinyl / Leather Seats,
   •   Door Pads,
   •   Convertible Tops,
   •   Carpets,
   •   Lounge Suites & Dining Room Chairs,
   •   Leather Clothing,
   •   Bags, Jackets & Shoes,
   •   Boats & Aircraft and
   •   Classic Car Interiors

The advantages of using our services:

   •   Our on-site service means that your property never leaves your site and is always secure. 
   •   Restoration saves you more money than replacing worn interior parts.
   •   A restoration can also save your no claims bonus with insurance 


Auto Restoration specialists are available to help you and to restore, clean or re-dye:

   •   Leather,
   •   Fabric,
   •   Carpets,
   •   Cloth,
   •   Vinyl,
   •   Velour,
   •   Wood grain and
   •   Hard plastic.

As an alternative to replacing your leather or vinyl, we can re-dye it to match the colour. We also repair holes, scuff marks, tears and fading. All our products are water based and are non-toxic and odourless. We are a specialist company that works mainly in the following areas:

   •   In the automotive industry, we work with and on:
        •   Auto trimmers,
        •   Fleet Owners,
        •   Panel beaters and spray painters,
        •   Privately owned cars,
        •   New and used car dealerships,
        •   Insurance companies,
        •   Valet services,
        •   Car hire companies and
        •   Classic cars.

(We repair and re-dye dashboards, consoles, leather seats, door pads, convertible tops and carpets)

   •   In the private sector, we repair and re-dye:
        •   Leather clothing,
        •   Household furniture (including lounge suites, dining room chairs, etc.),
        •   Bags and jackets and
        •   Shoes.

   •   In the commercial sector, we do work in:
        •   Hotels, Guest Houses, Conference centres, etc.
        •   Hospitals and Nursing Homes,
        •   Furniture Retail Outlets,
        •   Furniture Manufacturers,
        •   Upholstery companies,
        •   Interior decorators,
        •   Small and large office furniture suppliers and
        •   Theatres.

Auto Restoration: Our service is available in Gauteng, Durban, Richards Bay and Cape Town and we will come to you if required.



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