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The Ma-Dhir, Karou Charou

After a series of “family friendly” shows, the enigmatic and charismatic Karou Charou unleashes his brand new one-man show, aptly titled MA-DHIR.

In this production, Karou delivers what led him to become the most commercially successful Indian comedian on the circuit.

He’s back to his brash, unapologetic best, which allows him to get away with just about anything on stage.  His famous “f” bombs flow thick and fast. There are no sacred cows, he takes no prisoners and he warns sensitive people, with “no pulse” to stay at home.

As with all his shows, Ma-Dhir is not your basic stand-up comedy show.  Karou is a master in the art of entertainment and he aims to entertain his audience from the time they take their seats for a 90 minute roller coaster ride.

True to form, he wanders off stage to engage in an unscripted yet hilarious banter with the audience.  Karou loves involving the audience and this show is no different as “lucky” patrons find themselves unwittingly part of the action, music, song, dance, magic and a bit of comedy.  It’s almost like a Bollywood movie…just a few hours shorter, and without the subtitles.

According to Urban Dictionary the Definition of Maadhir – Adjective:
South African Indian slang word used to describe how nice, cool, awesome or extraordinary something is, regardless of what it is.
  1. Hey these burgers are maadhir!
  2. Hey thats a maadhir place to go to.
  3. You know whats maadhir? Your watch!
  4. Hey that guy, he’s a maadhir.
  5. You check how maadhir his rims look on his cab?


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