Peshkar, Rhythms of the North

Kathak DurbanPESHKAR is a two hour classical performance comprising a solo Tabla recital by Shri Revash Dookhi followed by a solo Kathak recital by Shri Manesh Maharaj. Focusing on the classical Tala (rhythm) system from the North of India, the performance will showcase the vibrant beats of the Tabla and the eternal rhythms of Kathak.

Both genres known for their complex display of rhythm will transport the audience through the pulsating beats and lyrical melodies of North India. Shri Revash Dookhi is a disciple of Tabla Maestro, Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkarji from Pune, India. He has been invited by his Guru to perform at the Guru Purnima festival in India in June 2014.  Shri Manesh Maharaj is the senior disciple of Kathak legend, the late Sushri Madhurita Sarang from Mumbai, India.

Revash and Manesh combine their talents in this unique performance aimed to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of music and dance and to infuse cultural awareness in the minds of all through the classical performing arts.

PESHKAR promises to enthrall and enlighten a diverse audience with its rich music score and vibrant choreography. Tickets priced at R50 will be available at the door prior to the performance. We humbly request all Gurus to please encourage your students to attend as observation is an integral part of a student’s learning process and their overall development as artists.

“I believe, only when we expand our limits, extend self-boundaries and enhance self-knowledge, do we realize the Message in movements” –Dr. Anita Shanmuganathan (Message in movements 2008).

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