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To Find a Bride, the Halaal way!

to find a bride bookAbout the book: A book that takes one through the journey of Muhammed on his quest to find a wife. He speaks of the trials and tribulations that he had to endure and also the exaggerated situations that only he seems to experience.

It is a tale that begins with arrogance, judgement and an extreme amount of humour that highlights quirks and predicaments in Indian Muslim communities. After a good few chapters into the read, a notable change is seen in the central character as he begins to gain a wealth of wisdom and inspiration as he goes along this journey. Muhammed Ismail has taken stereotypes, generalisations and rumours, tackling them head-on and giving his personal, albeit logical views on almost everything that surrounds spouse-seeking.

The aspects tackled in ‘To Find a Bride’ include the rights on divorcees, the ideas of lineage, the emphasis on character and the idea behind self perfection. He speaks about the masks people wear and the facade that is often given choosing to instead unmask and unleash the reality of the vital steps to marriage. There are romantic scenes, scenes of chivalry and also the opposite. A tale that is scripted in a way that not only do you enter Muhammed’s world as you read the book, but you also become the character feeling his emotions and thinking his thoughts.

To Find a Bride is a story that caters for the youth and relates to the elderly- a story that is of a very different genre as it begins with comedy, turns into a dramatic cliffhanger, warps into a romantic comedy and then becomes an inspirational guide for the betterment of oneself.

This is a story that makes you aware of all that you are and all that you can be.

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to-find-a-bride-backAbout the Author:  Born in Addington hospital of Durban and raised in the East Rand of Johannesburg, Muhammed believes that environment only influences a person as far as that person will allow themselves to be influenced. He has become the person that he is, not from the little town in which he schooled but rather due to the encouraging nature of his parents. “They’ve always told me to speak my mind, regardless of the consequences. In the end, my thoughts can either be constructive or destructive- the power that fuels my thoughts will be a direct representation of my personality,” said Muhammed as he was questioned on his creativity and its inspiration.

Six months ago, the name Muhammed Ismail wasn’t one that was spoken at dinner tables or at social meets. It wasn’t a name that had girls giggling at their phones and it surely wasn’t quoted by guys on an almost daily basis. However, this has all changed as the name ‘Muhammed Ismail’ is now synonymous to the blog that has captivated and enchanted a nation. The blog has turned into a book after an amazing demand for the full story in printed form.

At the age of 24, Muhammed Ismail is a qualified journalist yet doesn’t work as one. Instead, he is a businessman, writer and corporate communicator. Currently in the process of completing his Masters in English literature, he believes that he started writing books a tad too late. Passionate about life and living it, exploring the unknown and quite the culinary hand in his spare time, this is a man that wants to know what is behind every closed door and peep through every window. A man that believes in upholding the rights of women as women are the mothers, sisters, daughters and in turn, the first teachers to all of mankind. “Do justice to women and you do justice to the world,” said Muhammed.

As one of the youngest male authors in this country, Muhammed prays that his work inspires others to take up the pen, or in his case, the keyboard and make some mark in this information age.

About Naufal Khan

Naufal Khan was the Publisher at ADISHAKTI MEDIA and the editor-in-chief of the South African Indian news service Indian Spice. Khan was former Sunday Times journalist and also an occult fiction and non-fiction writer with several published titles.