The Dance @ The Durban Film Fest

Rory BoothFor 10 days from 17 – 27 July, Durban will transformed into a celluloid jungle, teeming with film screenings at 9 wild venues around the city. Here you will find a menagerie of movie species – some rare and endangered, some easy to spot, some dangerous, some playful – and at the heart of this subtropical forest of film lies the new industry hub at the Elangeni Hotel.

The Dance, a short film featuring South African actors Kajal Bagwandeen & Rory Booth. Shot in KwaZulu-Natal, this is the story of Vidya, who, against her mother’s wishes, sets off to Durban with her boyfriend and dance partner, Deeno. Immersed in a new lifestyle very different to the one she’s known, Vidya’s choices lead to a tragic end.


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