Kireshen Chetty, SA Indian Fashion rockstar!

What happened in Durban last week?  Ask any South African Indian, and without any hesitation whatsoever on their part, and they will say (in unison I will add), “The Vodacom Durban July.” A keen highlight of the day was the fashion competitions, with plenty of fabulous frocks, swanky suits and glamorous headwear seen and judged. 

Kireshen Chetty
Photography by: Sherwin Alwood Naidoo

Indianspice features, Kireshen Chetty, a fashion designer who has been creating waves with his creative new take on fashion. Taking a multi-faceted approach, Chetty has used his talent and explored creative abilities in his interest fields of architecture and fashion. Fashion, what started as a hobby in 2011 led to many titles and accolades for his adventurous creations. Starting off with winning 2 sewing machines and single mannequin at a local young designer completion in 2011, was what helped him and launched a direction for him into the glamorous world of fashion.

Africa’s biggest horse racing event the Vodacom Durban July, is one of the most prestigious events to get your fashion noticed. It’s an event that all fashionistas get a day to dress beyond the norm of commercial and retail, fashion.

This past Saturday,  Chetty’s masterpieces turned heads at the annual Vodacom Durban July Race Day event. His interpretation of this year’s theme, “ The Big Screen” created a media frenzy as his models walked onto the fashion track.

The 1st position for the Gold Circle Most Striking Couple award went to Chetty, who created an opulent and elegant Russian inspired outfit. Amazingly, this was his third top three finish of the day having already claimed second and third place in the Gold Circle Exceptional Raceday Hat or Fascinator competition.

Chetty explained the inspiration behind his winning black and gold number by saying, “‘The ‘Big Screen’ was all about celebrating the different cultures that have influenced Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood and so I decided to celebrate Russian culture and its Nordic influence on the Big Screen too!”

Kireshen Chetty
Photography by Sherwin Alwood

This was his 6th win at 3 consecutive racedays. Taking 1st place for the best headgear at the Golden Horse Sprint Day in May 2014, 1st place for most striking couple and 1st place for Professional designer at the Clairwood Gold Challenge in June 2014 and now 3 winning positions at the Vodacom Durban July. On the Day fashion was on trend and some beautifully executed, very elegant, chic and stylish with integration of the theme.  Kireshen sees himself showcasing his fashion at SA Fashion week soon and then in the Fashion Capitals around the world. He is a huge fan of local South African designers, being Gavin Rajah, Gert Johan and Jacqui Emmanuelle.

He recently launched his stylist house called Kireshen Chetty Styling, offering an on location styling, hair, makeup and fashion design.

About the photographer: Sherwin Alwood Naidoo,  collaborating with Chetty have broken boundaries with their insanely adventurous take on themed fashion shoots around South Africa. The two have started this initiative to give models and agencies a greater platform to showcase their work. Sherwin was recently accredited for his photography by Vogue Italia.  Keep an eye open as this local fashion designer is destined for more greatness on the fashion scene.

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For more information he can be contacted via email on or on his Facebook page – Kireshen Chetty Styling

Kireshen’s accolades for the day were:
1st place – Most Striking Couple at the Vodacom Durban July
Models – Shantal and Musa (Irenes Models)

2nd place – Exceptional Raceday Hat or Fascinator at the Vodacom Durban July
Model – Kaitlin (Irenes Models)

3rd place – Exceptional Raceday Hat or Fascinator at the Vodacom Durban July
Model – Nicole (Irenes Models)

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