Indian girl asks for condoms

Dr. Harsh Vardhan said ‘Combat AIDS with Indian culture, not condoms.’ This social experiment by ‘Video Daddy’ is an interesting approach to the awareness about safe sex.

“Combat AIDS with Indian culture, not condoms”, says Dr Harsh Vardhan (Indian Health Minister)

In a country that despite its rather strong foundations of sexual liberation and matrilineal communities where its sexy and cool to practice mutually pleasurable sex, India still figures in one of the worse-affected counties on the WHO’s census of safe-sex regions.

From the politicians to the moral police, we’ve heard everything there is, so here is a shocking real life social experiment by our team that tries to society’s reactions to the concept of safe sex when a woman is involved.

From disappointed to shocked to angry to speechless, to confused to suspicious- we have captured the Indian Aam Admi and Aurats across ages in all their candid glory specially for you.

Disclaimer: This video is a social experiment made with a socially relevant intent and does not attempt to intentionally hurt or offend any person or community and their beliefs or feelings.  Soon after telling the New York Times that it would be better for anti-AID efforts in India to emphasise fidelity more than condom usage, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan finds himself at the centre of another controversy.

Dr Harsh Vardhan is under fire for views expressed on his personal website on education, which includes the following point as part of his agenda: “So-called ‘sex education’ to be banned. Yoga to be made compulsory.” These views were published in the context of the Delhi elections 2013 when Harsh Vardhan was running as the BJP’s chief minister candidate.


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