Vaastu Shastra In South Africa

Vaastu-shastra-Info-Pack-1Vaastu Shastra is a directional science, utliizing the principles of the magnetic flow of energy along with the balance of the 5 elements creating harmony.

In essence, it is the study of nature and its earth energies i.e. gravitational and electromagnetic energies, along with the rotational influences of the sun, moon, earth and planets and their effect on human life in particular.  Man makes structures and buildings to perform certain functions. As soon as space is enclosed, its starts behaving as a scaled down model of the Universe.

A home or work environment is an extension of our mental, physical and emotional space; a reflection of our personality. Changes within the home or workspace, automatically effect changes within the mind and feeling level.

Vaastu Shastra

The external and internal spaces are interchangeable, because the underlying cosmic energies that govern the 5 elements in creation, are the same as those that control the human body and mind. When one is able to manage these energies and bring them into balance, once is able to create tranquil, attractive living spaces.

While modern architecture and design specializes in bodily comforts of a dweller and functional effectiveness of a structure; the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra aims at ensuring the health, happiness, prosperity, and well being of the person occupying the home. According to Vaastu, a building or premises is a living organism, and should be in harmony, resonating with the underlying energy structure of the cosmos.

The beauty of Vaastu is that there are many practical ways to create a balanced and harmonious living and working space, without demolition. Many of the remedial measures can be amazingly simple and yet powerful.

The science of the balance of the 5 elements and its influence on the 5 sheaths of human consciousness can easily be addressed through colours, shapes and corresponding metals. These non-structural changes create a balanced state of earth energy for a happy and conflict free space. Vaastu shastra includes the science of programming the space to create your desired outcome.

The MahaVastu 4 phases 

  1. The 32 possible vaastu doors or entrances.
  2. The analysis of the 16 energy zones.
  3. MahaVastu programming / décor/colour schemes/ metals/objects.
  4. The influence of the five elements.

The Ratna Deepa Staphana 

Involves the ancient knowledge of Ratna Deepa Staphana. This is the strategic placement of swastika yantras, also known as energy plates, in the cardinal points of the property, creating a grid or field of energy.

The yantras are powered with the swastika symbol and when charged is capable of realizing a million bovis units of energy, where as the human potential is only 6500 bovis units. Precious stones (ranging from Emeralds, sapphires, crystals etc.), accompany these yantras and along with Sanskrit mantras or vibrations, nullify defects and effect a huge energy surge to charge or discharge energy accordingly, throughout the property.

This technique works on the science of the 9 planets (navgrahas), and its influence over our minds and life.

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