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Vanishree PavadaiVanishree was led to the path of Vaastu through her passion for the Vedic sciences. An 18 year study of Vedic dance and music, and a thirst for knowledge on meditation & yoga, led her to spiritual teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Her university degrees & corporate background was passionately swopped for a life dedicated to setting up the Art of Living Foundation in Southern Africa as early as 1998.

She has voluntarily taught over 100’s of Art of Living wellbeing workshops and touched the lives of thousands of people in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya and other African countries. Vanishree became one of the youngest women to serve as the Chairperson for the International Association For Human Values in South Africa from 2002-2012. IAHV Is a UN Chartered NGO based in Geneva that develops and implements outreach programs.

Her knowledge on Vaastu was first learnt under respected Vaastu Pundit Yashwant Maggiwar from Pune, India. Studying & further research lead her to completing her qualifications in Delhi, under India’s foremost Vaastu authority, Dr. Khusdeep Bansal from the MahaVastu Institute. Vanishree has become the 1st MahaVastu expert in Africa to practice the MahaVastu 4 step method, which has 10 000 case studies of successful implementations behind it.

To learn more about her work as a MahaVastu practitioner click here

For a consult contact Vanishree Pavadai email her on or call her +27 826416049

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