indian classical dance south africa

The Nadanam Experience

The Nadanam Experience is a Bharatha Natyam performance produced and directed by the Nadanam Dance Company. A refreshing and innovative programme is set to take place at the University of Johannesburg Arts Theatre on Saturday 23rd August and Sunday 24th August 2014.

Bringing together the Indian classical dance guru’s featuring Sivakalay Pillay, Marlini Naidoo, Nelanie Govender, Nisha Moodley and introducing Nalini Moodley, Shivani Pillay, Dirushka Naidoo, Nicole Muthan and Primendri Moodley with Vocal and Musical ensemble of Magantharen Balakisten, Neville Moodley, Shiva Padiachi, Dhiveshan Pather and Seelan Pillay

indian classical dance south africa

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