Curse of Highway Sheila, the movie!

The Curse of Highway Sheila is an upcoming adventure film from acclaimed Director Kumaran Naidu. Avashnee Vandiar plays a reporter, Natalie in the highly anticipated film. Highway Sheila has become a household name among Durbanites over the past few decades. Kajol Andhi, who will play the character of Highway Sheila in the movie.

She came back from the dead,eager and thirsty for the blood of her murderers, she hunted them down like animals one by one and killed them in the most brutal manner. Many people have claimed encountering her. She lurks the N2 highway and tampers with cars as they pass.

 Many motorists, police officers and emergency personnel have reported similar events surrounding a phenomenon on Higginson Highway in Chatsworth.  An Indian woman, dressed in black, attempts to flag down passing vehicles, apparently hitching a ride. 

The version I was told was that the young woman either died in a car accident or was brutally murdered in this area, and haunts motorists for revenge.  She either runs next to the vehicle or jumps into the road.  Should the motorist stop, she normally gets in.  Sometimes she may even appear in your car whilst driving through the area.

Watch the trailer here!

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