Yogathon SA, 19 October 2014

Yogathon SA is a health and wellness campaign- using yoga as a tool to promote healthier lifestyles and raising funds for a good cause. On 19 Oct 2014, South Africa will host 3 public yogathons in Durban, Cape Town and Gauteng. 1000s are expected to attend – participating in a fun, uplifting guided mass yoga event.

This initiative will be supporting 2 children’s projects under the auspices of the International Association of Human Values ( IAHV ) , the sister organisation of The Art of Living:

1) Educate a Child

This is a new project initiated earlier in the year by 2 project teams, one in Gauteng and one in KZN. The concept is simply to partner with schools and identify pupils that are performing but whose parents are struggling financially to keep them in school. This fund would then contribute towards school fees andtrack the progress of the chosen children.

2) Dignity Dreams

1 in every 10 school girls in Africa miss classes or drop out of school completely according to UNICEF. IAHV partner with Dignity Dreams to bring beautifully wrapped feminine packs of reusable sanitary towels that can be used for 2 years.IAHV purchase and distribute packs for communities where we are active e.g. in 2013 we distributed 1000 packs in the Itireleng Informal Settlement and this year we are doing the same in Soweto with our Soweto Youth Village Project.

Numerous studies including International Universities, have scientifically proven physical benefits as well as mental, physiological improvements by the consistent practice of yoga. This mass yoga event is a unique, innovative event not to be missed.


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