montecasino aarya contact details
Mo T and JSomething from MiCasa with Deena Naidoo (winner of the MasterChefSA season 1) and Benny Masekwameng (Tsogo Sun Celebrity Chef) at Aarya

Tsogo Sun’s Aarya @ Montecasino

Summer has arrived at Aarya restaurant in Montecasino with a sensational splash of pink in the menu – and a ‘Dine with Deena’ offer for groups of between 20 and 30.

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Deena Naidoo, winner of the first season of MasterChef South Africa in 2012 and a partnership deal with Tsogo Sun to run the restaurant. Aarya has been a phenomenal success throughout, with a popular menu that is designed to delight South African palates of all age groups and cultures.

montecasino aarya contact details
Mo T and JSomething from MiCasa with Deena Naidoo (winner of the MasterChefSA season 1) and Benny Masekwameng (Tsogo Sun Celebrity Chef) at Aarya

Topping the menu in popularity by far is Deena’s award-winning butter chicken – one of the dishes that helped him on his way to winning the MasterChef competition. The second most popular dish on the menu is his lamb shank.

The new Summer Seafood Sensation dishes – designed to complement the menu that reflects the multi-cultural South African nation – has a playful pink theme and includes a Prawn Curry that reflects Deena’s Durban heritage, with succulent queen prawns cooked with Aarya’s special blend of traditional Durban spices simmered in a fragrant onion and tomato based curry sauce; a Fresh Salmon Salad, which is seared salmon napped with honey and mustard dressing on lettuce, micro herbs, barley, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and red onion; Salmon Pizza, with salmon, cream cheese, and sturgeon caviar, topped with rocket greens; and Line Fish of the Day, served with wasabi mash and drizzled with pickled ginger mayonnaise.

“The Aarya team spent a couple of enjoyable weeks experimenting with our new menu items – and in the spirit of summer, pink is what it’s all about,” says Deena. “Pink salmon and pink prawns, and to add to the theme, Aarya diners will also be able to enjoy these dishes paired with the Gorgeous Chardonnay Pinot Noir by Graham Beck.” Gorgeous is described as a “vivacious and versatile wine that makes the perfect companion to a wide range of food including delightful summer salads, poultry, cream-based dishes, veal or salmon; or simply quaffed as a refreshing aperitif.”

Deena fans will recall the Prawn Curry as the dish that won him the curry challenge in Season 1. A South Indian curry with a distinctly Durban flavour, the Prawn Curry was inspired by Deena’s love of seafood and fishing and will undoubtedly become a firm favourite on the menu. Deena says that the fresh new summer seafood sensation menu items are already in high demand, with the Salmon Pizza topping the list.

The ‘Dine with Deena’ offering is also designed with summer fun in mind – and is perfect for special celebratory or corporate occasions. It is available as a package for groups of between 20 and 30 that includes a choice of set menu, with Deena cooking and hosting the table for the evening. Adding to the delight of the event is a gift for each person consisting of a beautifully packaged gift pack of spices and Deena’s award-winning butter chicken recipe. Bookings can be made through Catherine on (011) 557-7007.

Norman Wallace, Tsogo Sun’s Operations Director, says, “Deena’s Aarya has been a wonderful success story for Tsogo Sun and Deena – fitting in perfectly with Montecasino’s aim to ensure that every experience at the precinct is a memorable one. The new summer offerings of the pink-themed menu items and the ‘Dine with Deena’ experience will add a fresh new sparkle to the restaurant, and indeed to Montecasino. We’ve no doubt that our guests will thoroughly enjoy every experience at Aarya this summer.”

Deena, who has thoroughly enjoyed the experience of running Aarya since it opened in November 2012, is delighted by the response he has had. “I am extremely grateful to the public for their overwhelming support and for responding so positively to Aarya – and I really look forward to sharing the new summer sensation experiences with them.”

To make a reservation at Aarya, call (011) 557-7007.

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