Diwali vs Deepavali in South Africa

Diwali 2017 dates

  • Wednesday, 18 October , 2017 – Deepavali (South Indians)
  • Thursday, 19 October, 2017 – Diwali (North Indians)
  • Friday 20 October, 2017 – Bali Padyami (Kartika Shuddha Padwa)
  • Saturday, 21 October, 2017 – Yama Dvitiy

In 2014 this is how 2 organisations in South Africa lost their mind and confused Hindu’s over the Diwali dates.

It’s almost Kashmir vs Kanyakumari with Divali in South Africa. The SATF and the SA Hindu Maha Sabha have contradicted dates on the celebration day for South & North Indians. Find their official letters here for your information.

16th October 2014
The Tamil Community of South Africa


Confirmation of Deepavali Date as per the Tamil Calendar (5115 Jaya Varusham)

The President and Executive of The South African Tamil Federation and its Affiliates, The Tamil Federation of Kwa-Zulu Natal, The Western Cape Tamil Federation, The Eastern Cape Tamil Federation, The Tamil Federation of Gauteng and The Tamil Federation of Mpumalanga, confirms the date for Deepavali to be the 22nd October 2014.

This date was confirmed at the beginning of April 2014 upon the release of the National Tamil Calendar for 5115 Jaya Varusham. The dates were compiled after broad consultation with our religious leaders and The Devasthanam Council of South Africa.

The South African Tamil Federation remains the only elective and authoritative voice of The Tamil Community and will always be the only point of reference for all prayer and festival dates which pertains to the Tamil Community of South Africa.

We welcome the statement released by The South African Hindu Maha Sabha on the 15th October 2014 despite a contradictory statement made in The POST newspaper on the 14th October 2014.

The South African Tamil Federation will continue its efforts to ensure that The Tamil Community of South Africa has its voice heard on matters that affect them and we reaffirm our conviction to work gallantly to ensure equal representation of our people at all levels.

We wish our community well as they go about preparations for the Deepavali celebrations.

Yours Faithfully National Community of Service,


(Signed Copy on File)

Miss S Naiker, Public Relations Officer, The South African Tamil Federation
Cell:     0787472536

Find the original files here

  1. Download a copy of this SATF letter. >>  Deepavali_SATF_Notice
  2. Download a copy of the SAHMS letter. >> Diwali SAHMS Letter

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