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17Tiger Brands, Africa’s largest food manufacturer are recalling some of its cooking sauces and rice products after tests found traces of toxic compounds of Methyl Yellow and Sudan 1.

Naresh Singh, the managing executive of its rice and pasta business, told Reuters that 17,000 packs of its “Tastic Simply Delicious” line of instant rice and curry sauces have been recalled.

The Simply Delicious range of products is produced in India under the strict control of an internationally renowned flavour house and was retested by Tastic in an independent laboratory in South Africa. Following recent laboratory tests, they have however, been concerned to find traces of the colourants Methyl Yellow and Sudan 1 in certain of the Simply Delicious product range. These are colourants which can make food unsafe because of the potential toxicity and carcinogenic properties of such compounds.

“Both substances are described by the World Health Organisation as representing possible risk to human health, and are prohibited in certain countries around the world, including South Africa.”

The company has therefore temporarily withdrawn the Simply Delicious product from all supermarkets as a result of the findings.

Any consumer who had Simply Delicious cook-in-sauces or ready-to-eat rice products manufactured specifically in June and July this year were advised to return them to any of the major supermarkets in their neighbourhood.

“Affected consumers will receive in return a coupon to the value of the returned product, which they can use to purchase any product of their choice,” Tiger Brands said.

“We apologise to consumers and we also want to reassure consumers that the problem affects only these specific batches of Simply Delicious product.”

All other Tastic rice products met the company’s “very high standards of perfection”.

“Once we are fully satisfied that supplies of Simply Delicious meet our stringent quality standards, the products will be supplied again to supermarkets as soon as possible,” Tiger Brands said.

Consumers who have bought the products are urged to take them back to the retailer where they purchased them.
The company’s managing executive for rice and pasta Naresh Singh says, “We don’t believe it is serious in terms of the levels in the products but if someone has eaten and feeling side effects, they must contact a medical practitioner.”


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