Always have a South Indian friend!

15 Things You Experience When You Have A South-Indian Friend

Chaitali Phatak

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Those cute looking Dravidians from the beautiful southern part of our country, are truly fun to be with. They are the ones with intelligent brain, sharp features, and enviable dark black hair. They teach you about South-India more than your geography text books. With their warm nature and wild taste in music and movies, they know how to strike a perfect balance for a long lasting friendship.

These are the things every person with a south-Indian friend definitely experiences.

1. You finally know the different states in the southern part of our country and languages spoken in those states


Mallu’s are not just South-Indians anymore, they are Keralites and they speak Malayalam.


2. Dosa and Idlis have become a routine diet for you


Because they are easier to make unlike rotis. Also, who doesn’t like fresh idlis and crispy dosas.


3. Words like ‘Aaiiyyooo’, and ‘da’ now hold a permanent place in your vocabulary


And you are not surprised when you hear yourself use those words, you know where they are coming from.


4. You finally know the difference between ‘Onam’ and ‘Pongal’


Payasam is now one of your favourite sweets.


5. South-Indian actors are more familiar


Hey, you know Akkineni Nagarjuna was epic in that film. Oh! really? I must watch that film too.


6. Bharatnatyam is not Kathakali


We don’t just call any dance form from south-India, Kathakali. We know the difference.


7. When you hear them talk on phone with their family you go like Whhhaaatttttttt!


That’s how jalebi would sound if it were a language. Sweet and round. :)


8. They have someone in their family living in the gulf


Now you can order for electronics and perfumes from Gulf at a reasonable price.


Either they own a restaurant or someone from their family does


One portion chicken chettinad, two portions ambur biryani please.


 9. Hear about their weddings and culture

10.1 gold jewellery

I will marry a south-Indian girl. Loads of gold. *Evil laugh*

10. Their Hindi has a funny accent to it


The way they pronounce your name is quite hilarious and super cute.

11. They make you watch cult popular films from their language


That’s when you realize, you missed out on some awesome stuff all this while.

12. Rahul Dravid, Vishwanathan Anand, Rajinikanth are genuinely respected


They are not just a part of memes and jokes anymore, you truly start respecting them.

 13. Discuss intelligent topics

14.1 new point

Deep down feel good to have a smart friend you can discuss rocket science with.

14. You feel defensive when people ask questions like ‘Can you speak south-Indian?’


Please get yourself a south-Indian friend and educate yourself for your good.

15. Finally, you adore their calm composure & peace-loving nature


Good manners, polite behavior is one thing you definitely want to adopt from them.

Friends from South-India, make us look at the southern region of our country from a different perspective. They make us fall in love with their funny Hindi, delicious food and lovely culture. When they are not around, their Dosa along with gunpowder is dearly missed.

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