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Shrivaar Panday, the insensitivity of the article

In the late hours of Monday afternoon, a story was published on another digital news publication over the ‘smash & grab’ incident where Shrivaar Panday lost his life. I am not going to report on the story but on how the journalist published this story.

The story has generated interest in not just the loss of Panday but the public has raised questions around the ethics of the reporting of the story. The insensitivity is quite blatant in the article that displayed no respect to the deceased or his family. It seems the journalist capitalised on this opportunity – information – and wanted to break the story first.

Yes, you did publish it first BUT did you think about the human-interest factor? Let us not forget to remind you that the name of the deceased was also incorrectly reported? You got what you wanted? The game changed you are now the center of attention and you are now the story.  Are you and your publication considered a worthy news source anymore?  Let’s also highlight the privacy of the deceased which was also not respected, the blood-spattered visuals that was also loaded to the story has clearly inflicted pain on the family, friends.

As journalists, we are constantly reminded that we have a number of challenges that lie before we pen a story: To reveal the reality of events, without sadism or insensitivity and to convey the passion of events without becoming too involved. Taking into consideration our readers in mind. The great dilemma is to find a way to convey reality when the means that is used – the news story – is itself, a form of tactic or angle – a narrative and a performance that evokes the right response with our reader.

However that article in question that was published lost sight of all of the above and only brought about grandiosity for the writer.  My deepest sympathy to the family & friends of Shrivaar Panday, may you all find the Shakti to carry you through this dark time.

Funeral of the late Shrivaar Panday will be held on 4th of November 2014 at 2 Peace Grove Ottawa from 11h30 till 2pm followed by Dravida Hall in Clare Estate from 2:30pm till 16h30PM. The cremation will be from 5pm @ Clare Estate Crematorium.

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