Thaipusam Kavady
A devotee of Muruga in a state of trance pierced with the 18cm 'Vel' (lance) of Muruga

Lord Muruga Conference 2015, SA

Muruga worship in South Africa is gaining great momentum and attention and is no doubt becoming one of the fastest growing worship in our Country. In order to further propagate and promote this bhakti, Officials from various Temple committees have joined forces to put together a conference that aims to assist with ensuring that Muruga worship gets the focus and consideration that is rightfully requires.

The organisers, sponsors and partners of the Lord Muruga Conference of South Africa take pleasure in inviting you and your esteemed membership to an inaugural national conference which takes place as follows:-

Date: 17th – 18th January 2015 

Venue: Shree Veeraboga Cultural Centre, Gandhi’s Hill, Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal
Agenda for Conference:  View the official program here

The conference is divided into two streams viz. the inward and outward journey of Muruga worship. Stream one takes place on the first day and is aimed at religious leaders and administrators of Temple committees whilst the second stream over day two is opened to the public at large. A registration donation of R500 per organisation, which entitles your organisation unlimited seats over both days, will be much appreciated. Registration opens on the 3rd December and can be done online at Our banking details are as follows:-

First National Bank, Phoenix Plaza branch, cheque account number 62506423110.

It will certainly be a privilege to host you and your members at the conference and we look forward to your attendance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require more information.

An official conference launch takes place on 3rd December at the Umgeni Road Temple Hall. Please accept this as an official invite and we ask that you kindly RSVP at for this launch.


Kovilan Ramsamy, Organising Committee Chairman

The Executive Board details: 

Conference Chairperson : Kovilan Ramsamy 083 443 6416
Conference Secretary : Merisha Lalla 072 223 3436
Conference Treasurer: Geeva (Sathie) Subrayan 083 376 7148
Conference Convenor: Henry Reddy 082 485 9342

E-mail: |  Website:

WATCH: Kavady, a sacred ritual


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