Do not blame Baby X’s mom & gran

After an apparent motor vehicle accident about ten years ago, it was ruled by the Road Accident Fund administrator that the mother of late Baby X, was unfit to manage her affairs and would be reliant on being taken care by someone else.

LATEST: Durban High Court finds Baby X’s mother guilty.

This is how the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court appearance of the accused was presented by defence lawyer, Vijay Sivakumoor.

It was on record that Baby X‘s mother was in need of  “care and assistance for the rest of her life” and that she had “child-like tendencies in her speech”.

Ishwarlal (Baby X’s mother), a known sex worker and drug addict, and her mother Salatchee Basanich, 55, have been charged with Jamie’s murder.

The three-year-old’s lifeless remains was discovered by a neighbour in Salatchee Basanich, the grandmother’s bed –  in Chatsworth, south of Durban, two weeks ago.

Her body was covered in bruises, marks which resembled cigarette burns and she had sustained broken limbs.

Magistrate Busisiwe Mpungose yesterday ruled in favour of a mental assessment for Ishwarlal and her mother and that they be kept in isolation until they are transferred to Fort Napier Hospital

The defence lawyer for the accused also requested that the accused Ishwarlal & Basanich be remanded to custody at a police station however, Mpungose denied the request even though the pair were allegedly assaulted by inmates at Westville Prison where they are currently being held. .

The matter was adjourned to January 7.

Previous court appearances had the public gallery swarm with remarks of ‘ugly bitches’ not worth having ‘such a beautiful child’ of which the 2 accused had to endure.

The case has also opened other investigations into government and NGO departments that were responsible for the monitoring and placement of the child in to Ishwarlal and Basanich’s care.

KwaZulu-Natal’s Social Development representative Nokuthula Khanyile said an investigation has been launched into the placement of Ishwarlal’s four children.

How Baby X‘s life started off? Baby X was sold just for R100 on Durban’s beachfront, the then six-month-old was taken to a place of safety where records state that she was flourishing.

Records show that Basanich wanted Jamie to be put up for adoption.

Despite Jamie’s paternal grandparents requesting custody of her, the child was placed in Basanich’s foster care in 2011.

Baby X‘s father Demitri van Vuuren was released from a Durban prison recently following a drug-related conviction and was living in the city centre at the time of her death.

Van Vuuren was present at Baby X’s death was also found asking the public for money at his child’s funeral also indicating the dire case of the father, when he realised he approached certain media he left shortly after the incident.

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