Durban’s Naughty Suburbs Revealed

We are about to unveil the kinkiest neighbourhoods in Durban and you might be on the list.  So next time your friendly neighbour pops over with a ‘sharky’ smile & a spicy curry, they may in fact be extending an invitation for more than just a friendly chat.  There are hundreds of various dating services that cater for the casual encounter but none were so keen to share their official data until I was approached by one. Some interesting facts about Durban’s extra-marital affairs

  • Durban boasts the highest number of affair partners in the country.
  • The average member’s age is 34 for woman and 35 for men.
  • Most female members: Ballito
  • Most single female members: Westville
  • Members with most children (on average): Pinetown
  • Youngest members: Berea
  • Most affair partners: Umhlanga
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Image Credit: Secret Affair

Infidelity dating website blew the lid off Durban’s most unfaithful neighbourhoods, the places with the highest per capita membership.  Now, the notorious dating website catering to those already in relationships shares Durban’s most cheat-friendly neighbourhoods.


And on the top spot is luxurious La Lucia which steals the title away from the 2012 winner, Umkomaas!  Right, now tell me Umkomaas, how did we not know about you being so naughty!? There has been an increase in the search for the discreet encounters & South African Indians are by far not far behind on the trail for extra-marital affairs as it seems.

The lovely ladies of KZN are definitely doing their share, as can be seen by the large increase in female infidelity since 2012. There has been a 37% increase in female members, with the current male/female sitting at 59% and 41% respectively on Ashley Madison with members not shy to share their sexual tastes in their prospective encounters.

“Having lived in KZN for 11 years, it’s no surprise that the most affluent neighbourhoods have topped the list,” says Dr. Eve, a South African Clinical Sexologist. “The marked increase in female infidelity is relevant based on the fact that women are looking for more satisfying sex, and ladies in upper-class suburbs potentially have more opportunity to look for this away from the home-front if their partners are not meeting their expectations.”

Here then, in descending order, are Durban’s 2014 Cheating Hotspots:

  1. La Lucia
  2. Morningside
  3. Hillcrest
  4. Berea
  5. Kloof
  6. Ballito
  7. Amanzimtoti
  8. Umkomaas
  9. Queensburgh
  10. Pinetown

“For millions of married couples, one partner will feel they are missing something in the relationship, there is a void and because of this, will seek to fill that void with another person.”

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