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Bollywood Review: PK with Aamir Khan

It’s no secret that I am an Aamir Khan fanatic and over the years this admiration for the actor has grown almost into an obsession after record-breaking movies like Ghajini, Taare Zameen Par and my ultimate favourite 3 Idiots. Khan also rewrote box history last year with Dhoom 3 that shattered all records. Now Khan teams up with 3 Idiots director Rajkumar Hirani, who has to his credit socially relevant blockbusters like the Munnabhai movies, for PK – a movie that was announced two years ago but has since been wrapped in secrecy.

It was however a few months ago that the aggressive PK promotion campaign became the most talked about news in Indian cinema, when the first look poster was revealed with a naked and mysteriously looking Khan using a radio to only cover his genitals. Khan plays the title role of the oddball PK, who despite his strange name is a teetotaler. Out to find a find a remote control, PK meets a roving reporter named Jaggu and together they develop a friendship that tackles double standards with religion, god and his men. It is this amazing and innocent friendship that changes society with a purpose. After months of anticipation PK is the most praiseworthy movie of the year that comes to life with a riveting script, told in a light hearted manner where every scene is perfectly written with the right amount of social commentary without the message becoming overly preachy or dramatic. It is the childlike innocence and warmth that takes the movie to a superior world of intelligent cinema. It is a huge triumph that the team has worked brilliantly by bringing together all the right elements required to make an educational and socially relevant masterpiece while remaining neutral. However this movie would have been nothing without Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, who delivers the highlight of his illustrious career. His facial expressions, body language, dialogue delivery and on screen performance are the one of the best of Indian Cinema. Khan has no equal when delivering quality cinema like this. His performance as PK should be used as a mentoring video for all aspiring stars. Anushka Sharma is top notch with a simple, amazing and sweet performance. She is outstanding in the beautifully crafted climax. The supporting cast of Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput are equally captivating in small yet important roles.

Overall PK is a rare gem that does Indian cinema proud. Who would have thought an alien would warm up our hearts, pull the heartstrings and unleash a powerful message – now that’s the work of a genius team! (9/10)

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