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Pretoria Bhajanai Mandram hosted the book launch to Dr Raj Kolapan’s latest title that delves into the concept of committing ones self to Hinduism. The book, titled “Converting Hindus to Hinduism – What I Feel every Hindu should know about Hinduism and Hindu Ritual”.

The Pretoria Bhajanai Mandram’s journey towards spreading spiritual enlightenment through this first book and many others surely to be published.  The event was held on Tuesday the 13th of January 2015 at the Shree Ayyappaa Kshetram during the evening programme dedicated to “Sai Avatharam”.

Qualified medical doctor Raj Kolapan, who is also a South African religious leader from the Laudium community, urges followers of religious teachings to understand their own religion and be tolerant of those with different beliefs.

Dr Kolapan believes that a better understanding of one’s own religion can prevent the catastrophic violence and intolerance the world has witnessed in the past few weeks, and that confidence in one’s religious beliefs is a more appropriate way to respond to criticism and disrespect.

WATCH: In this video, BDLive’s Zukiswa Zimela speaks to Dr Kolapan about why he believes a correct interpretation of one’s own religion is so important, and why he felt it was necessary to write his new book “Converting Hindus to Hinduism” which aims at giving devotees from his community a better understanding of their own heritage and the meaning of Hindu rituals.

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