Faith and Flesh, Where Religion & Infidelity Cross Paths

South African adulterers who are subscribed as members on Ashley Madison were part of 105,000 members globally in 22 countries that participated in the largest ever survey focusing on the impact of religion on infidelity.

The Gospel of Saints & Sinners reveals religious affiliation and the role it plays in spouse / affair partner selection. Is infidelity a Sin (Or Satisfaction) of the Flesh?  Depends who you ask, when surveyed if they felt that infidelity was a sin or an ‘unGodly’ act, only 16% of male respondents and 10% of female respondents globally, replied ‘Yes’.

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How many did participate from South Africa?
 Over 2,300 South African adulterers have taken part in the Burning Bush Survey by the world’s leading extra-marital dating site revealing insights on concepts of religion and sex. The Faith & Flesh survey revealed that South Africa’s affiliated subscribers of the website were majority Christian in both male and female categories. 

South Africans are half as likely as their global counterparts to change their religion when getting married, but are more likely to have affair partners of the same religion than their global counterparts.  More than a quarter of respondents, globally, are having or have had an affair with someone from a different religious affiliation than their own.  “Although South Africans are not as conservative as they are perceived to be, religion is still of importance in relationships, be it marriage or adultery”, comments Noel Biderman, CEO and Founder of

South African men are 50% more likely to consider infidelity as a sin compared to their female respondents, and are twice more likely to confess their sins than woman.  On the flip side woman are 15% more likely to pray than men.  “What has previously been a male dominated landscape is seeing a remarkable shift, simply put, it seems that women are better at having affairs than men.  Women lie naturally and instinctively, as a way to manage and control their relationships, to protect their partners and families.” Comments South African Sexologist and Couples & Sex therapist, Dr. Eve.

It’s a first, as South African Men (28%) and Woman (35%) reveal that their first sexual experience was with their spouse compared to the global average of 13.6% and 7.2% respectively.  Perhaps herein lies the answer to the increasing wave of infidelity that is being unmasked in our nation, the urge to explore unchartered flesh, that temptation that eventually leads to Sin (or Satisfaction) of the flesh, please bow your heads as we pray.

About Ashley Madison was created in Canada on February 13th, 2002. Founder Noel Biderman, known in the international press as the “King of Infidelity”, developed a new social network concept that is the second fastest growing in the world after Facebook.  Currently, the site has more than 30 million users in 44 countries including over 255,000 in South Africa.

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