Nicky Abdinor drives dreams!

Nicky AbdinorShe is known for her spurring action, her inspiring life and what she can do to change lives. We feature Nicky Abdinor who is the keynote speaker at the fAbility Seminar, an event committed to showing that Persons with Disabilities have ‘The Ability to Live Life Fabulously’.  She now focuses her time on her therapy practice, professional speaking and non-profit work.

Non-Profit Work

Nicky has founded a non-profit organisation called Nicky’s Drive which aims to fund vehicle adaptations for people with disabilities within South Africa. Nicky drives a specially modified vehicle that was donated to her from the UK. She takes “hands free” to a whole new level! Nicky was inspired to start the non-profit to help others enjoy the same mobility and independence as she does.

Nicky Abdinor is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker and registered Clinical Psychologist.

Nicky was motivated to study Psychology after meeting a high school friend who suffered from anxiety and depression. She recognized that psychological challenges can have just as much impact on our functioning as physical challenges. Nicky felt that she could identify with her friend’s fight for independence and it motivated her to pursue a career in Psychology.

Nicky was born with a physical disability (she was born without arms and shortened legs) which had no medical explanation. She believes supportive parents, a determined personality and inclusion in mainstream education were key factors in overcoming her physical limitations. Through her Psychology studies, she realised that she had been applying many Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills in her life. She believes that it’s not her situation, but how she thinks about her situation, that determines her  emotional wellbeing. Nicky recognises that positive thinking is helpful, but we also need to be rational and realistic. Positive Psychology has also contributed to Nicky’s theoretical approach where she highlights that we must not ignore what is wrong, but focus more on what is right.

She is available for consultations at her private practice in Milnerton, Cape Town.

Nicky will be the speaker that attendees talk about during the break. Her keynote talk, “Driving Dreams” shares an inspiring message that includes life lessons from overcoming exceptional physical challenges. Her video clips will leave you spellbound and questioning what is possible.

Nicky travels nationally and internationally for keynote speaking events. She is always commended on being a “credible” agent of change whether you are connecting with her one-on-one or from an audience. When you meet Nicky, it is hard not to recognise that she puts her message into practice!

As a Clinical Psychologist, Nicky’s message is enhanced by her ability and understanding of creating sustainable change in attitudes, beliefs and emotions. Her inspiring personal story and wicked sense of humour means participants leave your event empowered and motivated.

If you would like to book Nicky for a consultation or speaking event, please visit CONTACT.

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