The Essential Thaipusam Kavady Prayer List

Kavady is a 10-day period which focuses primarily around the worship of Lord Muruga who represents the six senses of human existence. The abishegam is the purification of the Kavady that will generally commence on the day before the main day from 9am onwards.

When is Thaipoosam Kavady 2020?

  • Thaipusam Kodiyetram (flag hoisting) is scheduled to start from this 30 January at most temples across South Africa.

Find your inventory list of items that you need to have for your Kavady experience

Requirements for Abhishegam

  • All abishegam goods are generally provided by the temple for a nominal fee.
  • You are required to bring a bucket and jug for washing your Kavady and garlands for decoration

Abhishegam list

  • 3 Lemons/Limes
  • 2 Strings to tie the milk
  • 1 Betel Nut
  • 3 incense sticks
  • 3 Camphor

Requirements for the main day Kavady festival

  • 2 Brass Somboos
  • 3 Pkts camphor
  • 1 Bottle oil
  • 1 Coconut
  • 1 Betel leave
  • Fruit and Milk

Important Guidelines at all temples

  • Devotees that are piercing to ensure that you arrange with a reliable person who is experienced to pierce you on day of the main prayer.
  • Devotees that are expecting to go into a state of Trance are requested to bring all their necessary requirements e.g. tray, ashes, Vel, rosewater etc.
  • Devotees should remember no piercing or state of Trance are allowed in the temple.
  • All devotees carrying Kavady are to remove the flowers from their Kavady after the procession.
  • Please do not leave the temple until your turmeric string is removed after the de- hoisting of the flag.

Thaipoosam at Melrose Temple 

  • Flag hoisting is on Thursday, 30 January 2020.
  • Main Day and Public Day is on Saturday, 8 February 2020, starting at 6am for kavady preparations.
  • The flag will be brought down on 8 February 2020

Etiquette when present at a temple

All devotees are requested to dress appropriately: Ladies to either wear a Sari or Punjabi. Men to either wear a Kurta or white trouser and white shirt/T-shirt. Ensure that nothing of a leather item is on your possession at the temple including a leather belt should not be worn. click here to read our guidelines on etiquette at temples.


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