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Books: Use Kobo for your ebooks!

kobo reader appsGet with the times and turn a page on your reading habits with the Kobo eReader. eBooks are the most effective way for you to now read digitally and also at cost effective prices. Let us guide you with the Kobo eReader. Kobo exclusive reading experience is the best way to read, collect titles, discover your next great title, and share it with others.

Read anytime, anywhere, on any device

Download the free Kobo app to read whenever and wherever you want, and then choose from our catalogue of more than 4 million of the world’s best titles.

Protect and personalize

Kobo covers and accessories are tailored to each device to ensure the best protection. They also come in a range of beautiful colours and styles, so your Kobo device is always looking great.

Get the free Kobo app and read across devices

Download the free Kobo app to your computer, tablet, and smartphone and all your reading – even your bookmarks – is synced so you can start reading on one device and pick up on another.

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