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Kama Sutra 2: Come Again

What started off as a once-off show, exploded to over 25 sold-out shows across the country and propelled it’s star, the enigmatic and charismatic , Karou Charou, to national and international prominence.

The Karou Charou’s previous shows have had thousands writhing & squirming in uncontrollable laughter and I feel sorry for you if you are seated upfront, beware the Charou will make you subjects of his comedic roast. Get ready for music, song, dance, magic and a bit of comedy.  It’s almost like a Bollywood movie, just a few hours shorter, and without subtitles.

Kama Sutra, via its sold-out shows, has been an unprecedented success and raised the bar as far as indian adult comedy was concerned. Whilst the mother grundies felt that the “conservative” indian community was not ready for such material, the thousands that flocked through the theatre doors were sending out a clear message. The market was evolving with a new generation of theatre/comedy lovers and it is this new generation of theatre/comedy lovers who are eagerly awaiting the sequel – Kama Sutra 2.

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Karou Charou, who has endeared himself to the masses via his trademark outfits, dark sunglasses , bling and high octane, energetic comedy routines, will once again take centre stage , as he takes his audience on a 90 minute journey of discovery, tackling many aspects of sex and sexuality.

In this show Karou’s intent is to build healthier sexual relationships between couples , and as such he takes on the role of a sex coach.

He encourages “talk” , advising couples to “ask and thou shalt receive”.

He introduces the art of “Role Playing” , expounds the pro’s and cons of internet porn and offers couples with kids great tips on how to still maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle, amongst other things.

As was the case with Kama Sutra, the sequel promises to be very educational, but you can rest assured that the “turbaned one” with his combination of slide shows, “interesting” props and “toilet” humour will have you wheezing with laughter.

The show is rated “ADULTS ONLY !” and Karou says that being over 18, does not necessarily qualify you as an adult. He is also adamant that sensitive people, with no pulse , should stay at home.

Show details :

Dates Venue Tickets at
18 April Lyric Theatre (Gold Reef City) Computicket
24 April Emperors Palace Computicket

Indianspice in celebration of our 10 years have tickets to giveaway to our loyal readers! Visit this link to enter and WIN with us! 

Watch what the Karou Charou does on stage bringing to you the scariest moments of your life as you turn from a bachelor to a married man!


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