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Girl raped by father now pregnant

A sordid affair that caused a stir in a village in the north. A 15 year old minor in Mauritius alleges that her biological father, 37 years old, has impregnated her.

She is now four months pregnant. Police authorities in Terre Rouge district have initiated an investigation. Sarah (not her real name), broke her silence on the affair, she is now currently in a shelter. She felt ill on Wednesday, February 11th and informed shelter management which led to the discovery of her pregnant state. When asked about the identity of the father of the child, it alleged that’s Christophe (not his real name), is claimed to be the biological father.

Officials from the Child Development Unit have been informed and they have interviewed the teenager who is attending a state college.

“My father ruined my future,” Sarah has told investigators that from October 2014, allegedly had sex with her. The schoolgirl will soon be examined by a doctor.

“Sometimes I wake up and I see my father who is lying on me. The worst has happened. Today I am pregnant with my father’s child, and I am afraid when I see him. These images haunt me. My father has ruined my future and I will never forgive him. Instead of protecting me as other fathers do, mine made me live a misery, ” said the minor.

Last year, Christophe has already filed a complaint against her daughter. The latter had left home to stay with her boyfriend. Her father, who did not appreciate this, had recorded a statement to the police. He claimed that his daughter had used to help a merchant after school hours.

“My daughter often met the merchant. Once, she even passed through a window and climbed over a wall to meet with him who is aged about 50. Because I do not see this relationship in a positive light, I told her and it was not appreciated. Besides, my daughter no longer obeys me, “says Christophe in his complaint.

For her part, Sarah had told investigators that she used to meet the dealer to avoid contact with her father. A DNA report is expected to confirm Sarah’s allegations, the police await the results to proceed with a recourse. The investigation is being conducted by the Inspector Khodabux, is under the supervision of ACP Devanand Reekoye.

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