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India’s Home Minister’s Rajnath Singh’s ban on ‘India’s Daughter’ has sent waves through the government – people are watching and sharing the movie en-masse.

The father of a woman who died after a savage gangrape in Delhi said on Thursday he thought everyone should watch a documentary about the attack broadcast by the BBC but banned in India.

The British broadcaster brought forward its screening of “India’s Daughter” to Wednesday evening, citing a strong public interest after a court issued an order barring broadcasters from showing it.

The film has sparked a fierce debate because it includes an interview in which one of the convicted rapists, Mukesh Singh, blamed the 23-year-old victim, saying she should not have been out at night and should not have fought back.

But the father of the victim said the comments should be exposed publicly. “Everyone should watch the film,” he said to a news channel.

“If a man can speak like that in jail, imagine what he would say if he was walking free,” he said, describing the documentary as “the bitter truth”.
Award-winning filmmaker Leslee Udwin’s journey into the mindsets of convicted rapists and everyday Indians , for which she spent two years away from her family, has been suddenly banned, much after she received formal permission to shoot the movie and also written consent from Mukesh Singh, one of the rapists.

BBC, which commissioned the documentary, quickly showed the movie yesterday, instead of the previously scheduled March 8 International Women’ Day screening. While the government is literally discussing in Parliament on how to stop the movie from being screened abroad, people online are quickly sharing the video’s links on Facebook and Twitter.

References to the movie were trending in 5 places out of 10 on Twitter.

Watch the documentary, India’s Daughter here now.

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