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6 year old Indian girl raped with iron rod

Ahmedabad: The government is trying a range of measures to suppress an embarrassing documentary broadcast by the BBC recently about the gang-rape and murder of a young girl in moving a bus in Delhi. Many believe that the cruelty exhibited by the criminals was never-heard-of in India. But, now it appears there is a subtle trend and we as a society need to do a lot more to address this issue. One such incident has been reported from Ahmedabad which sends shocks waves down the spine.
Six-year-old daughter of a construction worker was playing at the construction site near a railway track at Sola Bridge area. It was around 3.30 pm and the security guard posted at the corporate office of the Intas Company took her inside the building. There he molested the girl and then allegedly inserted sharp iron rod into her private parts. The girl started crying very loud which alerted her parents and other workers at the site. They immediately rushed to help her but the accused had already fled from the spot.  The girl was profusely bleeding when taken to the hospital.
According to police, the girl was not raped but she has suffered serious injuries. The accused Anil Singh Chouhan, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, has been arrested.

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