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Youngster’s murder accused in court

Kavitha Naicker and Rajwanthi Haripersadh, the women accused of killing Phoenix youngster, Shahiel Sewpujun, and then dumping his body, made their second appearance at the Verulam Magistrates Court earlier today.

The pair, who appeared before Magistrate Theveloshni Badal, appeared un-phased by the court’s proceedings.  While Hairpersadh did look a little confused by the flash of cameras as journalist clambered for their fist pictures, Naicker, scoffed and laughed at the media frenzy.

State Prosecutor Bathokozile Zikalala asked for the matter to be postponed, while the state prepared documents for an indictment, asking the matter to be transferred and dealt with at the Durban High Court.  Magistrate Badal granted the State a four-week period in which to prepare the documents needed for the indictment.

Shahiel was reported missing since Thursday morning, 5 February. His body was found four days later. The two abandoned their bail application at their court appearance last month.

The matter will now appear at the Verulam Magistrates Court on the 14 April 2015 for the indictment

VIDEO – Tension and anger filled the courtroom. When they made their way out of court, the people could not hold back their anger. Watch the video of them leaving the courtroom.

Original article: Tabloid Media

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