Torture in Tibet Report

London – A report has been submitted to the United Nations Committee Against Torture that documents the repression, state violence, and torture in Tibet that followed the Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule in March and April 2008 and continues into the present.

Produced by Tibet Watch, with support from Gu-Chu-Sum and Free Tibet, the Torture in Tibet report uses in-depth and shocking testimony from survivors to highlight incidents of torture and torture-related deaths.

It also highlights11 incidents since 2008 in which Tibetans have been killed when security forces fired upon protests, and how China used political pressure to block a case put before the Spanish National Court (Audiencia Nacional), under the principle of universal jurisdiction. The case accused former Chinese officials of crimes against humanity, genocide, torture and terrorism against the Tibetan people.

Forms of torture documented include the handcuffing of one prisoner to a burning stove, beatings with electric batons and electric shocks to the mouth, immersion in cold water and suspending prisoners in the air from their handcuffs.In one of the most shocking testimonies, torture survivor Golog Jigme who was arrested following his involvement in the Tibetan documentary, Leaving Fear Behind, described to Tibet Watch how he was tortured while shackled to an iron chair

“I was put onto the chair without any clothes and they tried all sorts of tortures while I was there, like beating my back with tiny metal sticks, kicking me and giving electric shocks to my mouth. The pain the chair caused was too extreme to feel any of the pain caused by the metal sticks and kicking. When they gave me electric shocks, I could feel nothing. I only smelt the burning of my own flesh.”

He suffered horrific wounds as a result of the torture and continues to be haunted by the ordeal.

“During all my time under arrest, this was the worst form of torture I suffered. One of my ribs was broken and my joints suffered very badly. Whenever I remember that chair I feel scared, even to this day. I felt like it would be better to die than survive being tortured on that chair. I was kept on the chair days and nights. At one point, my feet got swollen and, to my horror, all my toenails fell off.

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