#FreeTamil SA representatives disrespected

#FreeTamilThe debacle over the #FreeTamil saga continued today at the Indian Consul offices in Durban. Mala Lutchmanan was joined by various community leaders including SATF’s President Mr Karthi Moothsamy, IMTC President, Mr Mickey Chetty were received at the Consular office where they were made to host a meeting in the reception area of the offices. This set the tone of the meeting which was clearly being taken without any respect to the SA delegation that came together to address the matter at hand.

The Consul-General of the Durban wing downplayed the issue with the attendees and chose to open the meeting in Tamil which was seen to be a tactic to antagonise the situation.  He indicated he has no decision making power and the Directive from the Delhi office was to charge for South Indian language classes and not for Hindi. He at one stage during the meeting which was reaching boiling point had to be corrected by one of his office aides that India has 22 official languages.  He requested that the petition and  a formal letter will be required from the delegation that will be passed on to Delhi for consideration and review. When he was requested to provide proof of Directive from India’s Delhi Office, the Consul-General declined to produce evidence of the Directive.

The public are urged to show their support to petition that this rule be overturned. South African Tamil scholar Mala Lutchmanan is leading the protest against this ruling made by the Indian Government. 

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Halfway through the meeting it was quite evident that he was not winning with answering the questions by the #FreeTamil delegation. The informal meet in the Consular reception was adjourned noting the disrespect from India government officials to the South African delegation that had come to resolve the matter of the inequality of languages.

The article in the Sunday Tribune


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