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Vaiko slams Indian Govt. language policy in South Africa

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Listen to the podcast: Click here #FreeTamil @Lotusfm Listen to the views & opinions on the matter that were aired on Newsbreak Lotus on the Sunday show.

PODCAST: Click here for the #FreeTamil @Lotusfm Listen to the views & opinions on the matter that were aired on Newsbreak Lotus on the Sunday show.

V. Gopalsamy, also known as Vaiko, is a prominent politician in Tamil Nadu, in South India. He has slammed the move by the Indian Government to offer Hindi language lessons  free and charge for Tamil lessons.

In a statement issued by the General Secretary Vaiko, he said 60 per cent of Indians are Tamils ​​living in South Africa. Tamils ​​have lived there for 150 years, from the period of British rule.  However, in South Africa during the centenary of Gandhi’s struggle, the struggle of the Tamils ​​are still continuing.

The Indian High Commission in South Africa, the Indian Hindi language has taken steps to teach for free. But since 2008,  Tamil language were taught free of charge. However now it has been discovered that Hindi was taught free and the Tamils were being charged for classes. In 2004, the Indian government has given prominence by confirming the Tamil language as classical, creating a global reach for the language.

In this case, the power of the ego of the Modi government, at the expense of the Government of India, the Hindi language abroad through embassies we strongly condemn this move the imposition of preferential treatment of Hindi in South Africa. The Indian political parties DMK, AIADMK, the two parties would take appropriate action.  Discriminatory approach in language teaching in South Africa, India must give in to the Tamils request/demand ​​of South Africa Tamil people.

About Vaiko:  He is the founder of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, a political party that espouses the cause of the Tamil people and Tamil nationalism. He is known to be a supporter of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which is banned as a terrorist organisation in 32 countries including India, as a result he was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA) in 2002 and once-again on 23 October 2008 for sedition.

Political Highlights: He is well-known for his unequivocal support for the banned LTTE and other organizations fighting for a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka. In 2002, he was arrested by the Government of Tamil Nadu for making a speech supporting the LTTE, under the controversial POTA and spent 18 months in prison

About the MDMK: Another regional outfit on the lines of other Dravidian parties has been started in 1994 by Mr. V.Gopalswamy(Vaiko), a vociferous member of Rajyasabha and an emotioal party activitist of DMK. Mr. V.Gopalsamy(Vaiko) grew in the party from his student days. He actively participated in the party agitations and courted imprisonment several times. He was detained under MISA during emergency with other party leaders and workers. His style of speaking is his own, quoting world events and history, dragged many more to his side. Particularly the youths of DMK had a liking for him. His sympathy for Srilankan Tamils’ cause is world known.

#freetamilOn many occasions he took up the issue in Rajya Sabha and made hard hitting speaches. He was elected thrice to the Rajya Sabha by the DMK leadership. This fiery and emotion charged speaker had attracted the attention of many in parliment. He was always by the side of the DMK president when the DMK party was in crisis during MGR regime.

His popularity grew in size year after year, he was a full time party speaker going rounds in Tamil Nadu to speak in DMK propaganda meetings. Interesting news about him was his visit to the Jungles in Vavuniya to meet LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran. He was reprimanded by the DMK leadership for this act.

Slowly there develeoped a rift between Vaiko and DMK lealership. Due to some developments in the party, he was expelled by the DMK leadership and the general council endorsed this decision.

Some front liners of the DMK and many party workers came in support of him. Mr. V.Gopalsamy along with some district secretaries announced the decision to start rival DMK ultimately leading to naming of the part as MDMK

He was elected General Secretary with Mr. L.Ganesan, Pon.Muthuramalingam (Dist. Secy Madurai) Gingee Ramachandran (Dist Secy South Arcot) as Chairman and Deputy & Secretary respectively and Mr.M.Kannappan being made Treasurer. He made journey by walk (Padayatra) from Kanyakumari to Chennai to highlight his party ideas. His brave act received kudos from the party rank and file.

He was a bitter critic of AIADMK Govt of Jayalalitha. This MDMK leader was the first political leader, to declare that if voted to power, his govt. would seize the properties and assets of the AIADMK Chief Minister and other Ministers. His party forged an alliance with CPI(M) and fought many issues.

His party inspite of being new to the people managed to come second pushing CPI candidate (DMK’s poll partner) to the third place in the Perundurai constituency. This was something an achievement for a party which was started just few months ago and that too with a new symbol (TOP)

In the General election 1996, his party forged an alliance with CPI (M) and Janata Dal and fought (in its Umbrella symbol) the poloitical power namely DMK alliance and AIADMK. He contested for both Vilathikulam assembly segment and Sivakasi parliamentary constituency but unsuccessfully. The political on lookers and observers expected his victory in both seats. He was humbled by DMK candidate in Vilathikulam and by CPI candidate in Sivakasi by a narrow margin. All his party candidates were humbled. He has been considered by the people around him as honest politician. He managed to collect funds for the party and bought own building for head quarter office (Thayagam). This hard working MDMK leader started a party weekly called Sangoli, which carried news and write ups for party workers.

Sources: Indian News Service, Facebook

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